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OSAP: Online Smartphone’s User Authentication Protocol


Rabia Riaz, Sanam Shahla Rizvi, Erum Mushtaq, Sana Shokat


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 7-12


Internet services have become an essential part of our daily activities. Due to rapid technical progress mobile web browsing has become a reality now. User authentication is a vital component in most systems that need to assure security of services and data. A weak authentication mechanism enables hackers to steal user information or bypass authentication. In some services, such as online banking, strong authentication is needed to protect the service provider as well as the users of the services. In this research paper, a user authentication scheme for mobile devices has been proposed for Smartphone applications. The results clearly indicate that the proposed authentication scheme provide protection from attacks such as man-in-the-middle attack, shoulder surfing attack, dictionary attack, spoofing and manipulation. It also overcomes the drawbacks of internet banking authentication system and WhatsApp such as PIN eavesdropping and time synchronization. Also it authenticates the users as well as devices. It is efficient in time and user friendly.


IMEI, OTP, Smart Phones, Steganography, Authentication.