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Analysis of Statistical Techniques to Estimate Wind Turbine Power Generation


Dr Rajesh Wadhvani, Dr. Sanyam Shukla, Dr. Manasi Gyanchandani, Dr. Akhtar Rasool


Vol. 17  No. 2  pp.


Accurate modeling of any system requires appropriate knowledge of all the factors affecting performance of the system. This paper provides the detail of the machine and site specific factors affecting the performance of the wind turbine power production. Various mathematical models have been compared, which were previously applied for power prediction of wind turbine. The recent developments in power prediction of wind turbine relied on power curve modeling technique. The wind turbine power curve shows the relationship between wind speed and power generated. The main objective of this paper is analysis of regression based statistical techniques for power prediction. In each technique, the power curves have been derived using the SCADA data obtained from resource file of NREL HOMER software.


Power Curve wind turbine SCADA NREL HOMER Regression Techniques.