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Futuristic Method to Detect and Prevent Blackhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks


Abdullah Aljumah, Tariq Ahamed Ahanger


Vol. 17  No. 2  pp.


Wireless sensor networks are vulnerable to many devastating threats and blackhole (DoS-DDoS) is a very common threat for not being easy to detect and defend, thus declining the performance of the network and the system. The attackers select a set of client nodes in the network and reconfigure them to drop the received packets instead of forwarding them to the nest node or towards the destination node , resulting in a situation where packets enter the blackhole area but never reaches the destination resulting in higher end-to-end delay and decline in the throughput. A good amount of research has been done during the recent past for detection and prevention of this type of attack so as to maintain the performance and reliability of the wireless sensor networks. In this research article, the impact of blackhole traffic is evaluated using network basic parameters and a novel technique is designed to detect and prevent the blackhole attack in wireless sensor networks.


WSN, DoS, DDoS, Blackhole, Security.