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Design and Validation of New Routing Protocol in MANET for Optimal Performance


Rakhi Purohit1 and Bright Keswani2


Vol. 17  No. 2  pp. 156-160


MANET network including mobile nodes, nodes can join and leave the network at random. MANET is also known as a decentralized network NRP is a more efficient routing protocol because the route is pre-calculated in an optimal way (e.g. shortest path). Thus, it stands as an upper bound of performance in all routing protocols,. The other big benefits are that routing messages are suppressed, and link loss are also ignored. In this work, we add a new routing protocol to the network simulator, and a detailed analysis of the characteristics and models of wireless networks Discussed based on the simulation process of the wireless network and the implementation, and on the NRP protocol personalized wireless network and a reactive protocol. Nam is used to display the simulation process. Network simulator is designed for communication network simulation tool.


Network simulation NRP protocol Ad Hoc network protocol validation