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A Novel MPPT Method for PV Arrays Based on Modified Bat Algorithm with Partial Shading Capability


M. Kadir KARAG?Z, H?seyin DEM?REL


Vol. 17  No. 2  pp. 61-66


The power?voltage curve of photovoltaic arrays has one global peak and one or more local peak under partially shaded conditions. The conventional maximum power point tracking algorithms such as Perturb&Observe are converge to the first peak. Therefore they may not find global maximum power point. However soft computing methods such as Bat Algorithm may find it. This paper proposes a dual algorithm search method that consist of modified Bat Algorithm and Perturb&Observe algorithm. The standard Bat Algorithm has been modified by adding a similar feature to tabu list of Tabu Search Algorithm. In search process, firstly, modified Bat Algorithm is used to determine the area of global peak, then Perturb&Observe is replaced to track the maximum power point in the area of global peak. If the power varies greatly and rapidly, the search process starts again. Standard Bat Algorithm, Perturb&Observe and the proposed method are simulated under standard test condition and partially shaded conditions. The simulations show that performans of the proposed method is superior to both the standard Bat Algorithm and Perturb&Observe.


Bat algorithm, Perturb&Observe, Maximum power point tracking, Partial shading conditions.