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A Review on Neural Signal Compression Methods


Samira Riki


Vol. 17  No. 2  pp. 50-55


There Are Many Techniques For Neural Data Reduction That Follow Different Factors. Neuroscientists Are Interested In Low Power And Also Simple Types, Especially In Intra-Cortically Applications That The Electrodes Are Directly Implanted Into The Cortical And Also In Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) Systems. In This Work, At First The Intra Cortical Systems And Their Mechanism Are Described. Then Some Of Neural Data Reduction Methods Suitable For The Intra-Cortically Applications Are Introduced. The Neuroscientists Worked On These Methods And Tried To Improve The Key Factors Such As Power Consumption And Bit Rate. In This Way, They Accessed Some Achievements In Different Factors. The Notable Point Is That None Of The Techniques Can Improve All Of The Factors, So They Tried To Set A Trade-Off Between The Key Factors. In Other Words Each Technique Is Appropriate For A Special Application And The Selection Should Be Done Considering The Application.


Data Reduction, Neural Signal, Implantable Microsystems, Intra-Cortically Microsystems, BMI Systems