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Designing a Model to Reduce Energy Consumption Costs in a Local Energy Network


Alireza Alinaghian, Mahsa Ghandehari


Vol. 17  No. 2  pp. 20-28


Reduction of fossil fuel consumption and utilization of renewable energy resources in order to achieve several objectives in relation to the environment, preservation of fossil fuel resources and optimal exploitation of existing energy sources constitute pivotal programs of governments and organizations in all of the developed and most of the developing countries. In this article, energy flow in a local energy grid including the production, producers and consumers of energy is modeled as a mathematical programming pattern to minimize costs and maximize users' satisfaction and with respect to the network limitations for a mathematical programming pattern for modeling. Finally, the optimization model is implemented for the energy grid of a chemical production factory. The results indicate that using this model for the studied factory reduces the level of energy costs by 10 percent.


Energy Network, Mathematical Programming, Optimization