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On a New Modeling Process of The Decision-Makers’ Needs


Outfarouin Ahmad, Abdali Abdelmouna?m


Vol. 17  No. 2  pp. 1-8


The decisional information systems, compared to the traditional information systems, constitute, today, an essential support for decision-making in any enterprises taking into account the complex analysis (discovery requirements and analysis of the sources of data warehouses) the discovery of the requirements is a pinnacle phase in every project, and it is provided by the requirements' engineering. The modeling of needs allows decision-makers to limit the interpretations of needs and it, therefore, facilitates the confrontation of the needs of several actors, among themselves on the one hand, and with the data sources on the other. The modeling of needs offers, additionally, an explanation of the treatments. In the remainder of this paper, we propose in the first part, a state of the art of the modeling approaches’ requirements, and in the second part we present a new modeling process of the decision-maker needs, and then we complete this work with the conclusions and a future work part.


Business intelligence, decisional information systems, decision-maker needs’ modeling, requirements engineering.