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Detection and rapid improvement of the transient regime switching in ASD equipment by wavelet transform


Soodabeh Soleymani


Vol. 17  No. 1  pp. 159-164


Nowadays, due to the increasing spread of using nonlinear loads causing creation of transient regime scenarios on the distribution networks, the necessity of investigation and analysis of the power quality for stability and reduction of energy losses in the power networks has become more important than ever. Transients are often created by injecting energy due to switching or lightning and cause changes in the nominal current and voltage. The sudden increase or decrease of voltage or current makes characteristics of the transient regime. This article is to study and identify the transient regime swinging in distribution networks resulting from a capacitor bank switching by a wavelet transform and then provides a control technique to capture and restore the overvoltage caused by the mentioned switching in the system of Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD). The exact function and accuracy of this method has been shown by simulation in Matlab.


wavelet transform, the transient regime, capacitor banks switching of a capacitor, ASD