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Development of User Intend Understand Module of FSR Sensor Base for Low Cost Rehabilitation Robots


Young-Kwang Im, Hyun-Chul Kim, Tea-Jin Kim, Young-Won Kim, Eung-Hyuk Lee


Vol. 17  No. 1  pp. 146-150


In this study an interface that reflects the willingness of rehabilitation patients to devices is proposed to perform intellectual improvements in CPM devices and rehabilitation exercises required devices. The proposed interface is a type of wearable device with a rehabilitation robot. Then, pressures are applied to the interface according to movements of rehabilitation patients and that is to be estimated. It can be used to evaluate the usability of the interface in which the recognition rate is determined by 83.5%. As a result, the interface is a reasonable to estimate the willingness of rehabilitation patients who are employed in this study, even though it does not represent excellent recognition rates compared to other sensors. In addition, the interface shows a high applicability in distributing personal type interface due to its low price.


Rehabilitation, active rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Robot, Human Robot Interaction(HRI).