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Active Attacks Detection Mechanism using 3-Phase Strategy


Sobia Aslam, Saleem ullah, M. Abubakar Siddique, Abdul Sattar


Vol. 17  No. 1  pp. 130-136


To protect the network systems from the incident of happening of attacks, it is very necessary to create different prevention and detection techniques. To observe and examine outdoor, indoor and complex systems, there is a big need to create efficient monitoring systems. However, Security is a big challenge in this era due to increase in the number of security threats, these severe security threats are also known as Security attacks that affect the functioning of networks. In my research the main focus is on the classification and analysis of Active attacks and their detection to protect the networks from malfunctioning caused by them as we know that particularly most irritating and upsetting attacks are known as Active Attacks. So, I propose to use a firewall system to detect and prevent these network attacks by using packet filtering technique and providing a mathematical model for the detection of active attacks. My research work is proposing to use a packet filtering as a tool to model and analyze the security properties of a detection model. Usage of packet filtering algorithm for modeling and analysis of detection technique and firewalls provides the possibility to check and mathematically prove some security belongings. This research is presenting an approach to detect network attacks, as the network attacks are continue to plague the internet environment, existing anti-viruses and intrusion detection systems are insufficient to defend against these worst attacks.


Active attacks, Classification, Attack detection techniques, Security