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Factors Affecting on Deployment of Speech Recognition Technology in Health Care Organizations of Iran


Reza Safdari, Marjan Ghazi Saeedi, Ali Valinejadi, Hamid Bouraghi, Hossein Shahnavazi


Vol. 17  No. 1  pp. 35-41


Background: Speech recognition technology and its capabilities to create a positive change and increase efficiency and reduce costs and effectiveness and increase the quality of services in hospitals cause to increase the attention to this technology and provide more functions and effects. The aim of this study is to answer the question that what are the factors affecting the development of speech recognition technology in the healthcare organizations? Methods: A question quantitative method was used. Information and required data of participants in this study were obtained by using a researchers' questionnaire containing 39 questions which was based on Davis questionnaire that was set in nine sections. The statistical society consisted of doctors, nurses and staff in studied hospitals who work directly with the hospital information system and simple random sampling method was used. Results: The findings suggest that the situation of social factors, organizational factors, attitude toward technology, support for change and innovation, Human resources, technical and technological dimension and tend to use technology are at desirable level to deploy speech recognition infrastructure. But both individual factors and financial resources are not in good condition for deployment of this technology. Conclusion: Due to the desire to implement speech recognition technology and a positive attitude and support at the centers to seek financing equipment, we can get financing equipment to deployment of speech recognition technology infrastructure in healthcare centers. Also, by training people and creating a platform for experience this system and encourage users, we can step in strengthening individual factors.


Technology adoption, Technology infrastructure, Speech Recognition, Hospitals