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A Comparative study of SLIM+ and PUMA protocols for multicasting in Open-MANETs


Nazish Nawaz Hussaini Hameedullah Kazi Safiullah Faizullah M. Arshad Shaikh


Vol. 16  No. 12  pp. 128-131


Multicasting in MANETs is an emerging research area for the network researchers and several routing protocols have been proposed that are still in their evolving stages. Most of these routing protocols are optimized for applications of many-to-many type multicast applications ignoring the need of one-to-many type multicast applications like TV/Radio streaming media. Moreover with the application of MANETs in large open groups like VANETs and local area social networks, it is difficult for these protocols to maintain the group membership for such highly volatile environments and hence results in degraded performance [1]. Earlier in [2] we proposed SLIM+ to fill this this gap and show some initial results in support of our proposal. In this paper we have done a thorough and comparative study to evaluate the performance of SLIM+ against the leading multicast routing protocol PUMA in a mobile scenario. The results are very promising.


One-to-Many Multicasting VANETs Local Area Social Networks SLIM