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TeachMe, a Programming by Example Customizable Gesture Recognition System


Hazem Kathem Qattous


Vol. 16  No. 12  pp. 58-65


Much research is conducted to provide lecturers and presenters the naturalness and intuitiveness in using presentation tools. Presentation tools are controlled traditionally using mouse and keyboard. These required features can be provided to presenters through allowing them to control presentation tools using gesture recognition systems. Most introduced such gesture recognition systems require the user to learn their gesture vocabulary as the set of gestures that control the presentation are hardcoded in the system at implementation time. This problem prevents users from customizing gestures according to their preference and limits the users with the gestures and actions available and hardcoded in the system without being able to add new gestures. A third problem is that most gesture recognition systems require the user to use their both hands which leaves no chance for special needs or amputated users to use such systems. In this paper, TeachMe, a gesture recognition system that uses Microsoft Kinect as an interface to control MS PowerPoint presentation and mouse pointer is introduced. The paper presents a TeachMe implementation that adopts the notion of programming by example for the purpose of gesture-action customization. The idea of gesture customization feature implemented in TeachMe is available in only few documented gesture recognition systems, which indicates the very little research conducted in this area. Additionally, it is the first time that programming by example notion is adopted in the field of gesture recognition systems. The idea of gesture customization and its application using programming by example to solve the problems addressed above is considered the contribution of this research.


Programming by Example, Microsoft Kinect®. Gesture recognition system. Gesture customization.