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Presenting a Way to Improve Web Page Ranking Algorithm Using Firefly Algorithm


Fariba karimi, Damavand, Ali Harounabadi, Seyed javad mirabedini


Vol. 16  No. 12  pp. 37-42


According to daily growth in the volume of data and web development, the need for methods and techniques in order to derive useful information, have risen more than before. So to enhance Website Performance, Web server activities based on interests and the profits of users have been changed. In order to provide better and more efficient results to users, many ranking algorithms on the web pages have been used. In this study, we try to make changes in the standard algorithm to achieve developed version that unlike standard algorithm, considers the users’ interests in web pages to calculate Page Rank, which leads to better and more relevant results. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm presents more suitable page ranks and generates better and more distinctive ratings. In comparison, the proposed algorithm is improved 1.35% compared to the standard Page Rank algorithm and 1.66% compared to Page Rank (VOL).


Web mining, ranking, PageRank algorithm, fireflyy colony algorithm