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TCNPR: Trust Calculation based on Nodes Properties and Recommendations for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Network


Amol R. Dhakne, Prashant N. Chatur


Vol. 16  No. 12  pp. 1-10


In wireless sensor network, traditional security mechanisms such as cryptographic methods need a large consumption of resources such as memory, speed, and communication bandwidth. And by using such techniques it is not possible to detect malicious, faulty and selfish nodes that harm to network. Alternatively, trust methods calculate trust of sensor nodes and thereby help to detect malicious, selfish and faulty nodes in Wireless Sensor Network. In this paper, a Trust Calculation based on nodes properties and recommendations (TCNCR) is proposed to calculate trust for wireless sensor network. The proposed technique is very efficient to detect malicious and selfish nodes in wireless sensor network and also allows trusted routing by eliminating malicious nodes. Results of this paper shows that detection rate of our TCNPR method is higher than any other trust model in wireless sensor network. Additionally this paper focuses on different applications where trust methodologies can be used in wireless sensor network.


Wireless Sensor Network Trust Direct Trust Indirect Trust Blackhole Intrusion Detection