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Polygonal Model Creation with Precise Boundary Edges from a Mobile Mapping Data


Ryuji Miyazaki, Makoto Yamamoto, Koichi Harada


Vol. 16  No. 11  pp. 124-133


In this paper, we propose a method for creating a three-dimensional polygonal model reflecting precise boundary of physical objects from a point cloud which has strong anisotropic distribution of points obtained by a mobile mapping system. Our method creates boundary information of physical objects based on the planar region segmentation by the line-based region growing approach from a point cloud. Then, the boundary information is used for constraining an edge of a polygon in the polygonal model creation procedure. As a result, boundary edges of actual physical objects appear as edges of the polygonal model adequately. The accuracy of boundary edge representation is evaluated by applying the proposed method to a point cloud obtained by simulation of scanning a road polygonal model. Finally, we create a polygonal model from the actual mobile mapping data.


Polygonal model, boundary edge, point cloud, anisotropic distribution, mobile mapping system.