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TBSD: A Defend Against Sybil Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks


Rupinder Singh, Jatinder Singh, Ravinder Singh


Vol. 16  No. 11  pp. 90-99


Security has become a most important issue for several significant applications provided by wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The intrinsically susceptible features of WSNs employ them susceptible to a diversity of attacks. This paper has centered on how to protect from a principally destructive type of attack called Sybil attack. A Sybil node using only one physical device may produce an random number of extra node identities and can be used to interrupt standard performance of the WSNs, like multi-hop routing which is utilised to discover numerous disjoint paths among source and destination. Recently, there has been a increasing attention in leveraging WSNs to mitigate Sybil attacks. Digital certificates are a way used to show individuality, however, it is not feasible in sensor networks. This paper has proposed a Trust Based Sybil Detection (TBSD) technique to detect Sybil nodes in WSNs. The TBSD scheme is based on manipulative trust values of adjacent sensor nodes and the nodes with the trust values less than a threshold value are detected as Sybil node. The feasibility of TBSD method is demonstrated systematically, while experimental results of TBSD in exposing Sybil attacks is expansively assessed equally mathematically and numerically. The acquire consequence show that the TBSD attains significant attack detection rate than existing techniques.


Wireless sensor networks, Malicious, Sybil, Attack, Trust based system.