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Presentation of a new strategy for choosing optimal resources of processes by multi-parametric function and developmental algorithms in cloud computing networks


Sakineh mirzaei, Mojtaba Seyedzadegan


Vol. 16  No. 11  pp. 46-54


The most important issue about Cloud Computing, is process scheduler. Process scheduler means allocation of limited resources to the activities by time passing. Prioritizing, is one of the most significant issues in process scheduler, in a way that, some works should be handed down to the server earlier, so in a Cloud Computing network, the way that processes are allocated to the resources are very important. The number of these allocations will vary in different times. In a Cloud Computing network, energy consumption is another significant issue that it should has a great attention and its reason lies in the fact that, energy production costs highly. So for this, we will compare and contrast Stimulated Annealing (SA) with optimized virtual machine, energy consumption level and the decrease in the numbers of missed processes with genetic algorithms in order to solve the process allocations optimally. The goal of this survey is investigation and suggestion of new method on works process scheduler according to Prioritizing and energy consumption which is focused on the work priorities and time reduction of service responses and function improvement. In conclusion, the results showed a better function of SA in comparison to genetic algorithms based on consumed costs for allocation and also the number of evaluation is dependent on costs.


Cloud Computing network, process scheduler, Prioritizing, SA.