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Measurement of Software Reliability Based on Coupling and Cohesion Rate by External and Internal View of Classes


Mahdie khadame, Sima Emadi


Vol. 16  No. 11  pp. 7-15


One of the most significant parameters of software quality that is essential for the creation of valid and secure systems is reliability. Therefore, assessment of the software after its development prior to unveiling of the software, and its release into the market is an important issue that has generated immense interest. In addition, an increase in the use of software in different fields has precipitated an increase in the demand for software with high reliability value. . A suitable design and high reliability is an essential prerequisite for an increased acceptance of any product. Coupling and cohesion among the components in the design induces some challenges. Suitable coupling and cohesion among the classes can reduce the complexity in software development as well as improve reliability in software. In this research, software reliability was assessed using fuzzy computing approach on internal coupling and cohesion of classes because of the non-deterministic nature of coupling, which allows its fuzzification to increase the precision and concentration of the model. Thus, the rate of reliability and error that occurred in the system would be more accurately computed. This approach can also make it possible for software engineers to consider computing other non-functional parameters such as security, readability and reusability. By observing the results closely, it is obvious that the reliability value is variable and depends on the value of primary concepts. It was also observed that the increase in the speed line of reliability rose sharply because the basic concepts applied in reliability were used with high frequency. The rise can also be attributed to the known fact that low frequency concepts hardly affect the results. From these results, it can be stated that the pre-examined concepts have high reliability values.


Coupling, Cohesion, Reliability, Software, Class, object oriented