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Providing a combined method for denoising using a bilateral filter and wavelet transform


Zahra Ahmadi Brooghani*, Mohammad Sadeq Navabi


Vol. 16  No. 11  pp. 4-6


In this paper, we provide an optimal and new method for denoising using a bilateral filter which in this method, first using wavelet transform, we perform a preprocessing and then use a bilateral filter for denoising. In the bilateral filter, after filtering, the edges of the image are lost and that is due to the use of neighboring pixels in this filter and also this filter has a better performance in low variance noises. To eliminate this flaw, a combination of this filter and wavelet transform was used to get better results. At the end, we compare the results with similar methods and discuss how to get optimal parameters in this filter.


Denoising, bilateral filter, wavelet transform, image quality, Gaussian filter