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Smart Acknowledgement Distributed Channel Access Scheme for TCP in MANETs


D.Sunitha, A. Nagaraju, G.Narsimha


Vol. 16  No. 10  pp. 122-128


TCP upon wireless network is most challenging issue because of random losses and ACK interference. Also, TCP suffers from performance declination in terms of creating delay and overhead in network because of poor characteristics of wireless channel. In order to overcome these issues, we proposed a smart acknowledgment distribute channel access (SADCA) scheme for TCP in MANET. In the proposed scheme, first a separate access category for data less TCP acknowledgment packets is used and then it is assigned with highest priority. In this way, delay during transmission of packet can be reduced and also packet can be acknowledged immediately. Also, to increase the performance, delay window size can be adjusted by considering the parameters such as transmission rate, number of hops, and channel occupied ratio (COR). Hence the proposed scheme helps to avoid any kind of delay and overhead for sending TCP acknowledgment.


Distributed Channel Access Access Category TCP smart acknowledgement MANETs