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Image Encryption using chaos functions and fractal key


Hooman Kashanian, Masoud Davoudi, Hamed Khorramfar


Vol. 16  No. 10  pp. 87-92


Many image in recent years are transmitted via internet and stored on it. Maintain the confidentiality of these data has become a major issue. So that encryption algorithms permit only authorized users to access data which is a proper solution to this problem. This paper presents a novel scheme for image encryption. At first, a two dimensional logistic mapping is applied to permutaion relations between image pixels. We used a fractal image as an encryption key. Given that the chaotic mapping properties such as extreme sensitivity to initial values, random behavior, non-periodic, certainty and so on, we used theses mappings in order to select fractal key for encryption. Experimental results show that proposed algorithm to encrypt image has many features. Due to features such as large space key, low relations between the pixels of encrypted image, high sensitivity to key and high security, it can effectively protect the encrypted image security.


image encryption, fractal, logistic mapping, Hennon mapping