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Simulation of High Efficiency Switched Capacitor AC to DC SEPIC Converter for Improved Power Quality


Golam Sarowar, Md. Ashraful Hoque, Mohammad Ali Choudhury


Vol. 16  No. 10  pp. 9-15


A new topology of single-phase two stage AC to DC SEPIC converter in step down configuration with high efficiency at extremely low voltage gain is proposed with high input power factor and low input current total harmonic distortion. In this work, proposal has be given to modify conventional two stage AC to DC SEPIC converter introducing a switched capacitor branch in between the stages. The input current THD is kept low. The input power factor is high with two-loop feedback control. The proposed schemes can be used in the application of battery charging of electric motor vehicles.


AC-DC converters electric motor vehicles battery charger circuits total harmonic distortion (THD) passive filters.