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Innovative Image Watermarking Technique Using Psychovisual and Spatial Approaches


Mohamed TARHDA, Rachid ELGOURI, Laamari HLOU


Vol. 16  No. 10  pp. 1-8


Nowadays, wide world web access has made easier than ever to get digital contents and to distribute them, often going beyond copyright controls. We often think first of music, but the problem also arises for images and videos. To resolve such problems, digital watermarking field provides many techniques depending on the application. In this paper, we completed a design to insert watermarks into an original image. Strict standardized methods for the assessment of the sound quality were adapted to our image context leading to a new approach of image watermarking evaluation. Subjective tests done on laboratory show that perceptual quality are preserved. Objectives tests show that our work can lead to medical and forensics applications.


Digital watermarking, image watermarking technique, watermarks, secret key, PSNR, MSE.