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Security in mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) and WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks)


Sami El Jay, Abderrahim Hasbi


Vol. 16  No. 9  pp. 118-122


we are moving towards an era where the majority of the objects accompanying our daily lives have become connected. Because of their small size, the facility of deployment and their reasonable cost, small wireless components have become increasingly popular among industrialists, users said nomads and in several areas that we will cite later. A network of such objects, commonly called MANETs such Mobile Ad hoc NETworks still a new paradigm among users of wireless network. Despite the advantages that these types of networks bring, their architecture remains powerless to several types of attacks. In this article we intend to do a literature review on MANETs, exactly on the safety of the MANET. For this, we will start with an overview of MANETs and their application areas. We will later focus on security challenges, become a major objective to deploy a such network since it carries information that can sometimes be confidential or personal (eg in the military or health). Then we will see the Resource Exhaustion attack, which can disrupt a network and isolate a network. We will talk later about solutions that had been done to prevent this attack and propose an approach to prevent againt Resource Exhaustion attacks. And to close this article, we will make a conclusion that summarizes the current state of security in ad hoc networks, proposing some ideas that seem relevant to enhance the security policy in MANET networks.


MANETs, secure routing, resource exhaustion, AODV, ns2 …