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Security Reliability Trade off Analysis of Multi-Relay Aided Decode- and -Forward Cooperation Systems with Multiple Destinations




Vol. 16  No. 9  pp. 86-89


We considering a wireless network system having a source, and multiple destinations in the presence of eaves dropper .Eaves dropper is an attacker which taps the data from the source and destinations. The System proposes a multi relay?selection with multiple destinations under a cognitive radio network. The multi relay selection scheme gives the concept of sending data to destination through multiple relay other than single relay. The previous system includes single relays and multiple relay with single source and destination. For better output representation we compare proposed system with previous systems. The previous system includes security reliability trade off to avoid attacking from the eaves dropper. The proposed system sends data through multiple relays and the multiple relays depends on the trust values of the nodes. According to the previous system multi relay selection outperforms better than single relay trade off. In proposed system outperforms previous systems.


Multi relay, single relay, single relay trade off, trust value, eaves dropper.