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Mass-User Satisfaction for NFV-Based Application Specific Network


Kazunori Ueda, Makoto Iwata, Ken-ichi Baba, Shinji Shimojo


Vol. 16  No. 9  pp. 55-60


By virtue of advanced virtualization approaches such as network function virtualization (NFV) or software defined network (SDN), it has been recently possible to provide valuable network services dedicated to specific applications or users. In order to support those value-added services suitably, the network must be operated and managed according to not conventional per-flow-based QoS policy but service-oriented policy. This paper discusses typical application specific networks in terms of service-oriented metrics and then proposes mass-user satisfaction as one of application-oriented metrics. The proposed mass-user satisfaction can be transparently translated into physical resource management and can be optimized suitably according to service-oriented policy specific to applications or users. This advantageous feature is revealed through simulation results of a typical network configuration.


Network function virtualization, Application specific network, Mass-user satisfaction, Virtual network management