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Integration Means of Communication Possible with the Use of Inference knowledge bases


Hooman kashanian, Mohsen Parhizgar, Fatemeh Shobeiri, Elham Dehghan niri


Vol. 16  No. 9  pp. 18-23


Extract knowledge from large sources of information has become a controversial issue and therefore large knowledge bases have been established. But to deduce from this knowledge base is very time consuming and difficult. And one of the ways to overcome this construct a graph of the knowledge base and the inference is based on probabilities. That can extract elements of knowledge of the resulting graph. Our two countries in the use of such facilities to strengthen the knowledge base we have derived. First, we propose a new method for the synthesis of the knowledge base and surface text presented in a graph charts we used in the previous work. Second, how similar operation in the space of possible inferences integration and diversity characteristic that is common in the cut surface .this allows us to be effective and innovative methods, like distributing more symbolic combined with logical deduction. The proposed approach is piped to large database selection and related algorithms were run on it. And the results showed improvements in knowledge extraction of resources.


Semantic Communication, the Possible Inference, Graph Knowledge Base.