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Optimal Training Signals Design for MIMO-OFDM Systems Channel Estimation based on MMSE Algorithm


Iman Rastan, Abbas Bahreini, Milad Tamjidi, Omid Borazjani


Vol. 16  No. 9  pp. 15-17


channel estimation based on training signals is a basic approach in achieving channel mode information in the receiver. Due to the importance of channel estimation quality, computational complexity, and convergence speed which directly influence the performance of telecommunication systems, this paper aims to study channel estimation method applying MMSE algorithm based on training signals. The performance of channel estimation algorithm is shown analytically and based on computer simulations of the fading channel. In order for optimal training signals to reach channel estimation with the minimum error, we analyzed and depicted channel estimation error.


MIMO-OFDM, Fading Channel, Channel Estimation, MMSE Algorithm