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Efficient Data Access in DTN using Cooperative caching




Vol. 16  No. 8  pp. 112-115


Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTNs) carries with it mobile devices that contact one another opportunistically. During this paper, propose the first approach to support cooperative caching in DTNs, that alter the sharing and coordination of cached knowledge among multiple nodes and reduces knowledge access delay. The basic plan is to on purpose cache knowledge at a collection of network central locations (NCLs), which may be simply access by different nodes within the network. Propose Associate in nursing economical technique that ensures acceptable NCL choice supported a probabilistic choice metric and coordinates multiple caching nodes to optimize the exchange between knowledge accessibility and caching overhead. The chosen NCLs attain high possibilities for prompt response to user queries with low overhead in network storage and communication. A utility-based cache replacement theme to dynamically change cache locations supported question history, and this theme achieves sensible exchange between the info accessibility and access delay. A Contact period Aware Approach a unique caching protocol reconciling to the difficult surroundings of DTNs. To derive Associate in nursing reconciling caching certain for every mobile node per its specific contact pattern with others, to limit the amount of knowledge it caches. During this method, each the space for storing and therefore the contact opportunities area unit higher used. Intensive trace-driven simulations show that our cooperative caching protocol will considerably improve the performance of information access in DTNs.


Disruption Tolerant Networks, Cooperative caching, Data Access, Network Central Location