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Securing Sensitive Data in Public Cloud Storage Systems


T.Deepanjali, Vishnu Prasad Goranthala


Vol. 16  No. 8  pp. 103-106


Current approaches to enforce fine-grained access management on confidential information hosted within the cloud area unit predicated on fine-grained cryptography of the info. Below such approaches, information homeowner’s area unit answerable of encrypting the info afore uploading them on the cloud and re-encrypting the info whenever utilizes credentials amendment. Information homeowners so incur high communication and computation prices. A lot of overriding approach ought to delegate the {enforcement social management} offline-grained access control to the cloud, therefore to reduce the overhead at the info homeowners, whereas reassuring information confidentiality from the cloud. We have a tendency to propose associate degree approach, predicated on 2 layers of cryptography that addresses such requisite. Below our approach, the info owner performs a coarse-grained cryptography, whereas the cloud performs affine-grained cryptography on prime of the owner encrypted information. A difficult issue is the way to decompose access management policies (ACPs) specified the 2 layer cryptography is performed. We have a tendency to show that this quandary is NP-consummate and propose novel optimization algorithms. We have a tendency to utilize Associate degree economical cluster key management theme that fortifies communicatory ACPs. Our system Assures the confidentiality of the info and preserves the privacy of users from the cloud whereas deputation most of the access management social control to the cloud.


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