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Sapphire Crystal in Future Smart Computers


Mansour Mukhtar Ashkanani


Vol. 16  No. 8  pp. 96-102


Scope of this paper describes the gist of Sapphire Crystal and is “the happening” in the news now. You readers of this research paper will be amazed how technology is fascinating and crazy through successful R&D. It has become extremely powerful at extending the wear of gem-stones as jewelry and accessories in luxury high-end life style to creative and innovative use in future smart computer and other products that you will not believe. You will know where natural Sapphire gem-stones originally come from to knowledge of how Sapphire Crystal is high-techly processed and made. You will also be amazed to see how Sapphire Crystal will be used in future smart computers and other various products. Also, when you find out that giant companies like Apple Inc. and other leading high-tech manufacturers and companies from Taiwan and China are also moving fast to flaunt their successful research and development, you will realize how astonishing and credible Sapphire Crystal is. Not only that, but also you will see that Technology Advancement is faster in pace than Human Communications and Demands yet people will adapt to it one way or another. At the end, you will appreciate the benefits of Sapphire Crystal on Smart Computers, Societies and governments.


Future smart computer