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A study of the behaviour of vehicular delay tolerant network at the partial collaboration of Maxprop routing algorithm with Binary Spray and Wait


Sanjay Kumar, Avijeet Singh Mandloi, U Divya, Sudhakar Pandey


Vol. 16  No. 8  pp. 81-86


This paper analyses the performance of a modified routing protocol for delay tolerant networks. This routing protocol combines the routing strategies of MaxProp and Binary Spray and Wait. It utilizes a store-carry-and-forward mechanism, combining replication and routing decisions based on delivery likelihood, with explicit delivery acknowledgments to improve utilization of network resources. The performance of the proposed routing protocol is evaluated through simulations. The results have shown that proposed routing protocol achieves higher delivery ratio and lower average latency with a considerably low communication overhead, compared to well known routing protocols for delay tolerant networks


Routing Protocol, MaxProp, Spray-and-Wait,DTN, VDTN, Simulation, Opportunistic Network Environment (ONE).