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RSA Encryption Algorithm Optimization to Improve Performance and Security Level of Network Messages


Fausto Meneses, Walter Fuertes, Jos? Sancho, Santiago Salvador, Daniela Flores, Hern?n Aules, Fidel Castro Jenny Torres Alba Miranda, Danilo Nuela


Vol. 16  No. 8  pp. 55-62


Asymmetric cryptographic algorithms are a robust technology used to reduce security threats in the transmission of messages on the network. Nowadays, one of the disadvantages are the mathematical solutions because they require a greater amount of calculation that leads to the need for increased use of computational resources. This paper aims to optimize the RSA encryption algorithm and thus improve the security, integrity and availability of information. The results show the efficiency and functionality of the RSA algorithm in terms of information security. Also, we can see that time, memory, processor and network performance when performing encryption and decryption are lower than other RSA solutions, because calculations are performed on the client and server.


RSA, RPC, performance, security, asymmetric encryption.