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Formal Analysis of Key Management in 802.16e


Noudjoud Kahya, Nacira Ghoualmi, Pascal Lafourcade


Vol. 16  No. 8  pp. 42-48


Security is always important in data networks, but it is particularly critical in wireless networks such as WiMAX. After the launch of this new standard, a number of security issues were reported in several articles. Ever since the beginning, work has been in progress for the neutralization of these identified threats. In this paper, we first overview the IEEE802.16 standard, especially the security sublayer, and then authorization protocol PKM and the generation of traffic encryption keys (TEKs) has been analyzed. Possible attacks are also considered including interleaving, replay, DoS, Man-in-the middle attack and a new methodology is presented to prevent these attacks. We also give a formal analysis of our new PKM protocol (authorization phase and exchange of TEKs phase), we conclude that is rigid against the attacks like Denial of service (DOS), Man-in-the-middle and replay. The formal analysis has been conducted using a specialized model checker Scyther, which provides formal proofs of the security protocol.


IEEE802.16, security, PKM, TEK, analyze formal, scyther tools.