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An Efficient Approach to 3D Image Reconstruction


Qeethara Kadhim Al-Shayea, Muzhir Shaban Al-Ani


Vol. 16  No. 8  pp. 35-41


The images can be visualized in three dimensional (3D) using standard techniques, these 3D techniques are used to enhance the view of images. Converting two dimensional (2D) images into 3D images is an important part of image application. An efficient approach of 3D image reconstruction is implemented to perform a certain process that applied to X-ray medical image. In this paper we have demonstrated that the proposed approach is a useful technique for effective 3D visualization. This approach is implemented via four steps, preprocessing, image enhancement, image contour then image reconstruction and visualization. The obtained results show a good reconstruction of the tested image


3D imaging, 3D visualization, volume estimation, volume rendering and image reconstruction.