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Implementing and Comparing LIDBPP (Local Intrusion Detection by Bluff Probe Packet)


Imad I. Saada, Majdi Z. Rashad, Rasha H. Sakr


Vol. 16  No. 8  pp. 20-24


MANET (Mobile ad hoc network) is wireless network, it has a group of nodes which are communicating without any infrastructure. The security of MANET has been a desirable researching point. One of the well known threats in MANET is the black hole threat. Many approaches have been featured to bypass this kind of threats. However, these solutions do not prevent or avoid the threat totally, and in different degrees they affect the performance of MANET negatively. This paper will implement a new approach named the Local Intrusion Detection by Bluff Probe Packet (LIDBPP) which was proposed in order to solve the black hole problem. The bluff Packet which contains virtual destination address has been created to trick the black hole. This new approach adopts a novel strategy for the detection of multiple black hole attacks with a minimum negative effect on the performance of the network. The algorithm has been simulated using NS2 simulator to examine the ability of the proposed LIDBPP approach to block the black hole attack, the simulation is also used to measure how much this approach may influence the network performance. The simulation results show that LIDBPP prevents the collaborative black hole attacks with less negative impact on the performance of MANET, so that it was very close to the performance of MANET without assumed black holes, and the simulation also is done to compare the performance of MANET in case of LIDBPP and in case of MAODV (Detection using negotiation with neighbors), the simulation proves that the performance of the network is slightly better with existence of LIDBPP.


MANET, Black Hole, Network Security, LIDBPP, AODV