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Using Consensus Estimate Technique Aimed To Reducing Energy Consumption and Coverage Improvement in Wireless Sensor Networks


Sobhan Dehghani, Sarkhosh Seddighi Chaharborj, Mortaza Zolfpour Arokhlo


Vol. 16  No. 8  pp. 1-9


Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is composed of hundreds or thousands of small devices called sensor nodes that interact with each other to perform certain task or tasks. A node obtains environmental data through its sensors and sends it to a center called base station through its communicational equipments (antenna) for more processing and final decision making. Resource limitation of a node, including supply resource leads to new challenges for wireless sensor network. With completion of node energy, node exits from network practically and will remain unused. In this situation, some information may not be readable, and coverage disappears in this area. Hence, a technique must be considered that in addition to complete coverage in wireless sensor network, nodes blackout occurs later. This study is aimed to reduce nodes consumed energy and improve coverage in wireless sensor networks using consensus estimate technique, so that network performance is greatly enhanced. According to the results obtained from simulation, suggested method could increase network efficiency to a reasonable degree. In assessment section, suggested method is compared with two LEACH and ECRM in different conditions and scenarios. Based on obtained result , the proposed method has improved to an acceptable level using environment zoning , task cycle , multi-step routing, converge consensus estimate in wireless sensor network ,and this value has been measured using MATLAB software.


Wireless Sensor Network, network coverage, nodes consumed energy, task cycle, consensus estimate, clustering.