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Component-based Architecture Reconstruction by Patterns


Shahrouz Moavena, Jafar Habibib, Alireza Parvizi mosaedc, Razie Alidoostid


Vol. 16  No. 7  pp. 172-180


nowadays, software architecture has obtained such a significant role as a foundation in software projects and processes that promoting objectives of software teams and organizations without it is impossible. Therefore, recognizing legacy architectures, processes, and systems, and recovering them for exploiting the benefits of clear and correct software architecture is very important, additionally, exploitation and analysis tools and expert systems should be used to construct architecture in the best way. In this paper, a method is defined which not only uses all existing information to reconstruct software architecture, but also makes use of structural, behavioral and semantic patterns in order to exploit their benefits in reconstructing architecture with better adaptability and compatible with quality attributes. The method by presenting some mechanisms and guidelines that consider patterns, provides users the ability of using it in different domains. Furthermore, the knowledge acquired from different abstraction levels are collected and used to establish knowledge trees and knowledge packages.


Component, Software Reconstruction, Software Architecture, Architectural Style, Quality Attribute, Knowledge Management