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Interoperability Plug-in between Petri Networks and SQL


Abderrazzak ZEDDARI, Ahmed ETTALBI


Vol. 16  No. 7  pp. 117-123


Petri nets are a mathematical formalism for modeling a large set of dynamic systems. They are applied in practice by industry, academia, and in other domains. Its powerful positive is that there is different kind of Petri Nets, Ordinary Petri Nets, Timed Petri Nets, and Color ed Petri Nets. So, it will be very beneficial to develop applications related to these Petri Nets. For this reason, the main objective of this work is to propose a translation process of a Petri Nets to Sql script following the MDA approach. The whole work is a framework intended to offer a code generator that will generate a whole user-defined application from a multiview system. This new framework will be used by companies that are working on agile software development to deliver to their customer a cloud environment dedicated to software production with a high level and scalable code and Application generator in order to minimize the time, cost and efforts.


MDA, PNML, View and Viewpoint, Modeling, Colored Petri nets, Sql.