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Multilevel edge detection using quantum and classical genetic algorithms: A comparative study


S.Khalek, A. Ben Ishak, A.-S. F. Obada


Vol. 16  No. 7  pp. 83-93


In this work, we develop a multilevel edge detection method based on the Kapur and Tsal- lis entropies. The multilevel thresholding approach gives rise to an NP-hard optimization problem. We have used the Classical Genetic Algorithm (CGA) and the Quantum Genetic Algorithm (QGA) to solve this problem. The performance of the QGA has been tested on ten sample images and it is shown that the QGA outperforms significantly the CGA on a sample of real-world images. Moreover, it was found that the Kapur entropy is leads to a slightly better image segmentation quality than the Tsallis one.


Quantum genetic algorithm. genetic algorithm. Multi-thresholing. Edge de- tection. Tsallis entropy. Kapur entropy. PACS numbers: