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Fuzzy Reasoning in Description Logic


Mohamed Gasmi, Mustapha Bourahla,


Vol. 16  No. 7  pp. 71-82


Fuzzy description logics are intended to represent and reason not only crisp notions but also fuzzy ones. They have a key role in various domains, and in particular in the semantic web domain. They are now a promising research orientation, on which we positioned our works, assuming that the reasoning over vague concept is complex, and the integration of new expansion rules is essential. This is the subject of this paper. The approach which we propose for this purpose is to extend Description Logics by concrete domains which allows us to describe the precise parts of the concepts, the thing that allows us at the reasoning phase by applying expansion rules proposed to extract the vague part of the concept by assigning a degree of certainty, and also execute an inference according to these degrees.


Semantic Web, Ontologies, Description Logics, Fuzzy logic, Reasoning, Concrete domain.