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Allocation Algorithm based on CAC Scheme for LTE Network


Radhia Khdhir, Kais Mnif, Khitem Ben Ali, Lotfi Kammoun


Vol. 16  No. 6  pp. 140-150


To reduce network congestion and to guarantee a certain level of Quality of Service (QoS) for service requests, Call Admission Control (CAC) as a part of Radio Resource Management (RRM) aims to accept or reject a call based on available resources. In this paper, we proposed new CAC and resources allocation schemes for Long Term Evolution (LTE). The proposed CAC scheme gives the priority of Handoff Calls (HC), without totally neglecting the requirements of a New Calls (NC). The main objective of this approach is to provide QoS and to prevent network congestion. Simulation results show that the call admission control scheme leads to increased session establishment success and resource utilization compared with existing admission control and resources allocation schemes. Moreover, the resources allocation scheme achieves a considerable gain in the system throughput and fairness.


Call admission control, QoS, Scheduling, LTE, Uplink, Throughput.