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Secure Personal Pervasive Active Space


Jalal al-Muhtadi, Khaloud Zainalabdeen


Vol. 16  No. 6  pp. 135-139


Securing Pervasive Active Space is an important issue to achieve the privacy and safety of the person's information exchanged. Thus, because this type of networks has many features such as flexibility and dynamic nature that raises the risks of illegitimate access and steal the sensitive information. In recent years, there are a lot of considerations and works about securing the information exchanged inside these types of networks. Notice that, much research done in this field was either a suggestion of solutions without an implementation or an implementation of some of the security aspect while other concepts are missing. In this paper, we provide a new security protocol for Personal Pervasive Active Spaces especially the networks that have similar design to the Mobile Gaia. This security protocol will take in consideration the different security aspects such as authentication, data confidentiality, and integrity and access control. In addition, we will evaluate the performance of the protocol by simulating the system.


Pervasive and ubiquitous computing. Security. Mutual authentication. Cryptography.