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Harmonisation of Digital Privacy Law and Practice: The Jersey Workplace Case Study


Ali Ahmed, David Booth


Vol. 16  No. 6  pp. 101-116


This paper thoroughly investigates the digital privacy provisions in the island of Jersey. This is mainly done by examining the two key pieces of legislation with which any workplace must comply with. Those legislations are: The Employment (Jersey) Law 2003, and the Data Protection (Jersey) Law 2005. Neither law has digital privacy provisions per se, but these are the two prevalent pieces of legislation governing employer-employee relations in the island of Jersey at present. The study relates the local legislation in the island of Jersey to its UK and European counterparts identifying the missing parts. To realise that purpose, the work introduces a case study of the Lysaght’s workplace and investigates its compliance of with the Law. The study highlights the areas of concerns and provides recommendations for both employers and government. This work updates employees with regard to their rights and entitlements in the Island of Jersey. It can be used as the basis for steering the future judicial review of this area, to ensure the island of Jersey remains in compliance with its peers both domestically and internationally. It also can be used to assist IT professionals and employers in ensuring their approach to the digital privacy of their staff is handled entirely with compliance with the expectations and requirements of all key stakeholders.


Digital Privacy, Island of Jersey, jurisdictions, Employee Rights.