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Multi Modification Design Model:New Visual Expression by a Computer without CG Technology


Takayuki Fujimoto, Motoichi Adachi


Vol. 16  No. 6  pp. 94-100


In this paper, the authors propose a “Multi Modification Design Model”, as a new type of visual expression. This visual expression by a computer has been unified as so-called Computer Graphics (CG). Today, in most circumstances, visual expression by a computer indicates CG, its main role is to generate a image on the virtual space of a computer and this is an image that is difficult to be drawn or recreated physically. In recent years, expressive abilities by CG have been enhanced. In other words, complicated images and drawings that require much calculation became possible and easy due to the speeding up of computer processing. However this alone cannot broaden the variety of expressivity of visual expression by a computer we need to extend its ability. Usually the history of visual expression referred to its CG history and there has not been much progress or innovation in terms of creativity since 1980s when the so-called CG was determined. The author describes “Multi Modification Design Model“, as a new visual expression by a computer which is demonstrated through the actual produced work.


Media Art, Computer Graphics, Design, Image Scanner, Information Design, Interactive Art