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Dynamic and Reactive Multi-Objective Routing Decision in Position-based Routing Protocols


Omar Almomani , Firas Al Balas, Jafar A. Alzubi, Mahmoud Al-shugran, Omar A. Alzubi


Vol. 16  No. 6  pp. 62-74


Current greedy routing protocol (GFS) designed to find shortest path as a single routing objective. Considering only one routing objective is insufficient for the computation of a reliable rout, and can severely compromise network performance on the remaining overlooked objectives. This paper introduces the Dynamic and Reactive Reliability Estimation with Selective Metrics Mechanism (DRESM). The intended DRESM is constructed of two coherent techniques, the Fuzzy Logic Dynamic Nodes’ Reliability Estimation (FLDRE) and the Status Information Distribution and Outgoing Traffic Control Management (IDOTM). FLDRE introduce the notion of multi-criteria next relay node selection using fuzzy weighted logic multi-objectives. IDOTM provides the sender node with fresh information about its neighbour and control the outgoing traffic. The simulation results show that DRESM outperforms GFS in terms of packet delivery ratio, average end-to-end delay. Moreover, DRESM can find routs whose cost is close to the optimum.


Greedy routing protocol, Dynamic and reactive reliability estimation with selective metrics mechanism, Fuzzy logic dynamic nodes’ reliability estimation, Status information distribution and outgoing traffic control management