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A Comparative study between Contourlet and Wavelet Transform for Medical Image Registration and Fusion


Akshata M, Aparna BV, SathyasriDonthi, Nupur Jain1and SarithaChakrasali


Vol. 16  No. 5  pp. 102-108


Medical Image Registration and Fusion provide effective information in the field of medicine due to which it is used by the specialists for diagnosis. Previously this has been done using Wavelet Transform which does not capture the directionality and smooth contours that are predominantly present in medical images. Contourlet Transform is an emerging transform and it overcomes the above mentioned disadvantages of wavelets to a great extent. This paper aims at registration and fusion of mono modal and multimodal medical images using Contourlet Transform. A comparative analysis has been made in this paper between the Wavelet and Contourlet transform for medical image registration and fusion.


Contourlet Transform, Registration, Fusion, Entropy, Mutual Information, Wavelet Transform