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Distributed Adaptive Consensus Based Blind Channel Estimation in Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks with Two Signal Sources and Virtual Reference Sensor


Zohre Foroushi, Vahid TabatabaVakili


Vol. 16  No. 5  pp. 37-44


Blind channel estimation has been noticed in many applications. The important challenge in this field is convolutive mixtures in a reverberant environment. On the other hand, in WSN, distributed techniques are preferred because centralized techniques require a large communication bandwidth and power and it is not scalable. In this paper the goal is to obtain the same estimation performance in a centralized algorithm. For this purpose, a MIMO system with 2 input signals will be converted into 2 SIMO systems and their spatial interference will be separated. For incoherence between the obtained equations, a tree structure is chosen and one virtual node is added to this network. The equations are merged and a linear equation is obtained from them. Then, the local channel estimations are coupled with those of their neighbors by means of consensus-constraints. The topology of network is unknown and nodes only have access to data of their direct neighbors. Simulation results show that the proposed distributed algorithm is flexible and robust to sensor failures and achieves the same performance as a centralized algorithm.


Consensus based, blind channel estimation, wireless sensor network, distributed.